While spending a couple of days embedded at Yishun Primary School recently, I came upon a request from an primary (grade) school teacher on how to better create flashcards.

Creating flashcards currently can be a tedious matter, with teachers printing out large texts, cutting and laminating cards. This teacher described to me what might be a dream software for her, and so here it is :-)

This software helps to automate the creation of flashcards, with the following features:

  1. 1.flashcards are organized from iPhoto albums

  2. 2.creation of flashcards are automated

  3. 3.educator can choose to use images, or text, even audio (converted automatically); or any combination of the three


Do you make flashcards?

This software was developed on 10.5.6 Leopard, iPhoto ’09 and Keynote ’09. You mileage will vary with older versions.

I am NOT planning to create an option for PowerPoint :-)

Before launching this software, try to have Keynote and iPhoto open first.


Click below to download:

iPhoto2Flashcard0093.zip (400kB)

iPhoto2Flashcard_Tutorial.mov.zip (53MB)

Versions history:

Version 0.93 - 5 June 2009

Corrects an issue when iPhones or iPods appear in the list of albums

Version 0.92 - 4 June 2009

Centers the text in slides where no images are needed

Version 0.91 - 2 June 2009

Solves an applescript error when iPhoto looks for (and has found) a shared photo album