Schlomo is created for educators who wish to document their students’ workflow and processes in graphical applications.

Translated in English: You kids are using Google SketchUp or ArtRage, etc. You want to see how they actually draw; you want to record their actual steps taken. And you want to do it free. Schlomo is created for you.

To use Schlomo, click Shtart and Schlomo will record your screen somewhere on the mac. When you Schtop, Schlomo will get QuickTime Player to create a movie of your screen and urge you to save it.

Schlomo does not do real-time or video quality movies. The movies are actually 3-second interval screenshots. Useful for compressing a whole lotta time into a couple of minutes.

Schlomo has only been tested on 10.4 Tiger on an Intel Mac and REQUIRES QuickTime Pro. Your Mileage May Vary.

Schlomo is a proof-of-concept software, free now and forever. It is also provided without support or warranty in any way. However, if, and only if, you are an educator, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Download SchlomoSchlomo_files/