Chapterman survives QT7?

Making Chapters

Creating chapters in movies are really important; especially for education. You can consider them as bookmarks, hints, markers or some times even subtitles of sorts.

A while ago, I created ChapterMan to allow educators to easily add and edit chapters for movies, but the arrival of QuickTime 7 broke many parts of ChapterMan. I have recently found some time to fix it.

As usual, it’s totally free, but also totally without support, yadayadayada.


Only tested for QuickTime 7.1 and Tiger 10.4.8 and above.

Requires QuickTime Pro.

Click here to download MakeChapters

Email Me

p/s Some users are reporting issues with large QT movies. Please email me movie size, codecs used if you wish to help me solve this! One solution seems to be just exporting the problematic movie into another Quicktime movie (the original codec will do), and the new movie will work. Curious...

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