Making Remote Desktop less Remote
Remote Desktop is an excellent way for to establish control over your class. However, many educators still find the interface daunting. For example, LessTech is a prototype freeware to assist educators in using Remote Desktop for the following situations:

You Want a one-click way to mute all student machines when everybody is off on their own tangent and not listening to you
You Want a simple drag and drop way to send files to your students’ desktops
You Want to click just one button, and what is on your Safari page will open on all your students’ machines
Using LessTech
LessTech DOES NOT replace Remote Desktop. It must already be up and running for LessTech to work
LessTech is only tested with OS X 10.4.8 and Remote Desktop 3.1
Please launch Remote Desktop BEFORE launching LessTech. You can minimize Remote Desktop’s main window to your Dock after LessTech is launched.
Instructions and documentation are in the LessTech disk image. Please do review them before using LessTech
LessTech is released at no cost (and will always be). It is also unsupported, as in I will try my best to answer any questions and implement most requested features; but only when I can find some time off my official work :-)
Download LessTechLessTech_files/LessTech_1.0_RC_1.dmg